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Amrut Ayurved gives eloquent treatment of different diseases by Ayurved medicines & Panchakarma treatment along with ayurved diet.


Vaman is used to eliminate the excess Kapha dosha from the body . Vaman also helps to control certain Pitta disorder i.e problems related to digesition. with the help of Ayurvedic Panchkarma, kapha in the body is brought in the stomach by using various pre-panchakaram treatment like Snehan & Swedan. When there is congestion in the lungs causing repeated attacks of bronchitis, colds, cough or asthma, the Ayurvedic treatment is therapeutic vomiting – Vamana, to eliminate the Kapha whic is causing the excess mucus. It is helpful in various skin diseases, swelling, asthama, loss of apetite, indigestion, malaise, bleeding piles, excess eaching & mainly cough pre-dominant diseases.


Ayurveda believes that in pitta prakop (aggravation of pitta— one of the basic body constituents), virechan helps in eliminating the cause of aggravation and in re-establishing a status of health. When pitta crosses its normal limits, it accumulates in the dhatu (body tissues) and in the strotasa (body channels). This accumulated pitta is liquefied, directed towards an outlet and then pushed out of the body by means of virechan. This Therapatic purgation is useful mainly in skin diseases like psoriasis, lichen planus, eczima, pimples, rash, alergy etc. & acidity, indigetion, excess vomiting, piles, fishers, fistula, diseases of reproductive system, burning sensation, pitta predominant diseases.


One of the Panchakarmas mentioned in Ayurveda, Nasya therapy is a process wherein the drug (herbalized oils and liquid medicines) is administered through the nostrils. Since nose is the gateway of the head, the therapy is highly effective in curing a number of diseases pertaining to the head, if it is performed systematically. Helpful in diseases of Eyes, Nose, Mouth, Teeth, Headach, Shoulder Pain, Hairfall & graying of hair, Blur Speech & other cough predominent disease.


Raktamokshan therapy is one of the Panchakarmas of Ayurveda. Literally meaning Blood Letting, Raktamoksha is performed to eliminate the toxins from the bloodstream through the gastrointestinal tract. It is a safe, painless and highly effective form of Panchakarma. Raktamoksha entails the refinement of blood, hence administered to treat disorders pertaining to skin, such as urticaria, rash, eczema, acne, scabies, leucoderma, chronic itching and hives.


Shirodhara is an ancient Ayurvedic healing practice performed in India for over 5,000 years. The word shirodhara breaks down into two ideas: “shiro,” meaning head, and “dhara,” which means flow. Together they form a concept that aims to bring physical and emotional balance by rejuvenating the spirit and preserving health. This is achieved through a relaxing technique in which warmed oil is poured over a client’s forehead for an extended period of time.


Quick relief from pain, stiffness and inflammation in the lumbar region. Ideal for those suffering from back pain. A tank of black gram paste is applied over the spine in the shape of a ring in which lukewarm medicated oil is poured and maintained at the prescribed temperature.


Swedan means dry or wet fomentation or heat therapy. Different types of fomentations are possible. These include taking a sunbath, sitting or sleeping in a specially prepared wooden sweat box, pouring warm water or steam on the body, sitting in a bath tub or taking a steam bath. Variations like swedan for the whole body (below the neck), for the diseased part of the body (e.g. only extremities), sitz’s bath (for perineal region) can be used according to the need of the patient.